Ninja Chord Changes – Master your guitar chord changes

Get faster, fluent and more accurate guitar chord changes allowing you enjoy guitar, play in a band and impress others

What Will I Learn?

Change chords on the guitar with much more freedom, speed and joy – with less effort


You will need to know how to play some basic open chords and have access to a guitar capo.


Over 1000 students have already enrolled onto this brand new course in the first 3 weeks.

Do you struggle to make simple chords changes?

  • Does it frustrate you trying to change from C to G?
  • Do you watch other guitarists in awe and think why can`t I do that?
  • Do you often think `Why can`t I still change chord?`

We have all been there. Trying to get good at changing between chords can feel like banging your head against a brick wall and is the primary reason most guitarists give up the guitar and let it gather dust in the attic along with their guitar playing dreams.

The truth according to research is that over 92% of guitarists give up the guitar within the first 6 months of playing, and a large number of those cite “slow chord changes” or “stopping between chords” as the main reason for giving up.

That equals a lot of money, time, effort and guitar playing dreams gathering dust in the attic. You don`t have to be one of those people…

The course is for anyone including ALL beginner electric and acoustic guitarists – I define a beginner guitarist as someone who has played for less than 1 year – who struggle with chords changes no matter how long you have been playing.

Learn through our videos, eBooks and audio supplementary guides the powerful steps to help you master the `dark arts` of changing chords.

In less than 30 days if you follow the course and apply the knowledge on a regular basis you will notice effective, powerful improvements. Your chord changes and fingers will feel faster and you will be more relaxed allowing you to truly feel free with the guitar for the first time.

You will finally be able to play songs without those annoying little stops between chord changes.

Impress your friends with your fluency and new found guitar skills.

You will be free from the struggles and frustrations of changing chords and you can finally feel joy through the guitar.

Don`t forget, there’s not only the Udemy guarantee but my personal promise that the course is good. I am so happy with the course and so confident that you will like it, that you can take it for the full 30 days. You can study it, put everything into operation.

If you aren’t 100% happy, I don’t want you on it, I am more than happy to refund you.

Take action now. Every moment you delay enrolling is valuable time and lot`s of joy with the guitar lost – enrol today – click top right!

And don`t forget, I’m here to help you!

“Great fun course”

Greg R – “Great fun course”

“I’ve been playing the guitar for many years now – mostly self taught. I wish I had this course in the beginning. If I had, I would have made quicker progress than I made on my own.

Even with the experience I do have, there are lessons in this course and steps in the free bonus guide that helped me learn to play my chords better and faster. They even help me “correct” some bad habits I picked up along the way.

The lessons on finger stretching exercises, practice tips, practice exercises, strumming tips, strumming patterns, and tips on improving my rhythm skills helped me the most.

Thanks Dan for offering this course.”

Who is this Guitar Course For?

Guitarists who struggle to make basic, fluent chord changes with the open chords. This course is not for experienced guitarists looking to improve their barre chords.

Dan Thorpe


1 hours on-demand video

1 Article

2 Supplemental Resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV

Certificate of Completion

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